Grassroots Rugby - it's World Cup fever

Grassroots weekend rugby - loved by kids all over New Zealand.

Here in New Zealand, September is all about the Rugby World Cup. With Japan's major upset in the first round taking out South Africa, the nation's attention is on the screen!

No matter how cold, how wet or how muddy, New Zealand winter weekends are still reserved for sport. Junior rugby in New Zealand is still on the rise with a whopping over 105,000 registered under 16 players in 2013. Parents, teachers, players, volunteers and supporters spend many a wet, foggy and cold Saturday getting out and getting muddy, all in the name of sport. 

Hard work, dedication, commitment and support help get players to top international level. And behind every rugby great will be a story of grassroots weekend sport. Grassroots rugby is so popular locally that we have dedicated seasonal TV (check out Toyota Grassroots Rugby) and big-name sponsors supporting the sport. 

We took our cameras and our gumboots to a small rural rugby ground on a cold weekend in August. The Weekend/mud collection celebrates kids, their grassroots rugby and their hardy supporters, check it out now! 

Saya Wahrlich