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beautiful images. bringing real life to life.


an image resource for creatives everywhere.


it's stock, but it's not. 


stocknotstock is the brainchild of New Zealand-based photography & web team Ant Gray and Saya Wahrlich. We bring real-life to life; sharing beautiful images of everyday things that inspire us. As well as working directly with our clients on photography and Squarespace web design projects, we've created an image resource to share royalty-free stock images.

We know it can be tough finding the right photographer or web designer, not to mention the right image for your blog, marketing project, corporate comms piece or website. You can search for hours to find stock images to visualise your story or shots that don't look corporate-blah. At stocknotstock we don't believe in bland. We don't believe in sanitised. We believe images should tell a story. 

Spark your creativity with new, fresh content inspired by the world around us.