Editorial Use - what does it mean?

Files marked for 'Editorial Use Only' cannot be used for any commercial purposes.

Why? This is because these files may contain identifiable brands, locations or people without the proper legal releases needed for commercial use.  

But you CAN use them in blogs, magazine and newspaper editorial applications, or other non-commercial uses.

How can I use Editorial-Use-Only files?

Editorial-Use-Only files can be used for:

  • Blogs
  • Editorial purposes: newspapers, magazines, editorials, newsletters
  • Non-commercial uses relating to events that are newsworthy or of general interest

What CAN’T I use Editorial-Use-Only files for?

Editorial-Use-Only files cannot be used for:

  • Any commercial use - for example using the image in a brochure for your business
  • Any advertorial use (sections or supplements featuring brand or product names, or sections or supplements for which you receive a fee from a third party advisor or sponsor)

To keep it clear for you, we've clearly marked Editorial Use Only images in their description, and also in the image tags.