About us


It all started when...

Founded in 2015 by photography, graphic design and web team Ant Gray and Saya Wahrlich, stocknotstock is an image resource bringing real-life to life, sharing beautiful stock images with bloggers, marketers, corporate communicators, and creatives everywhere.  

Our images capture our own perspectives on the things we see around us every day: at home, at work, on holiday. All images have been taken by us, you won't find them anywhere else. 

stocknotstock is our way to share what we see with you. Get creative!

Who are we?

Together we're a mix of photographer and Nikon-addict, graphic and web designer. We've angsted over annual reports, spent many a coffee-fueled hour hunting for the perfect image and celebrated with our teams to see our content made real. 

We're New Zealand based, and our home town is Auckland. Shooting and designing here is a dream but thanks to friends getting married in exotic locales like Fiji and Portugal, and a love of travel, we've got plenty of good reasons to also hit the road on some epic roadtrips!


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